Welcome to TurboRocks - The #1 selling rocker plate, hand built to order in the UK

Welcome to TurboRocks - The #1 selling rocker plate, hand built to order in the UK

European customers - VAT free order from Turborocks

We want to encourage our European partners to continue to purchase post Brexit so if you are a Customer living in Europe, once you have placed your order TurboRocks will automatically refund your order by 20% which is the UK VAT rate.

Made In Britain

What is a Rocker Plate?

Steve spends 3 minutes explaining what a Rocker Plate is all about.

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Rocking all over the world!

It's great to see that we now have almost 3,000 happy Customers rocking on a Realplate in 44 Countries around the world.

What's the difference between the options?

Take a look at our helpful detailed comparison guide, with some key points below for a quick introduction;

The Model

If you are looking for the full experience of left to right, plus fore and aft movement, then consider our Realplate React model.

If you are happy with a simple left to right motion, then you might prefer our Realplate+ option. This also comes in a handy ‘Mini’ size.  

Spin - An ideal solution for spin bike users such as Peloton, Stages etc.  

The Finish

Whatever the model, we can offer a choice of finishes.

Stealth - Fully painted on all sides with a black, textured, waterproof and sweatproof layer on the top plate.

Standard - Fully coated on all four faces with naked trim edges, the Phenolic black coating is hard wearing and waterproof.  

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Buy Now, Pay Later with Turbo Rocks

We have some very clever and sensible options when it comes to buying our rocker plates. You can decide how you would like to pay and spread the cost over a few months, or whatever you prefer!

With Payl8r, you can pay 0% interest if you pay us back within 30 days, you can split your payments across 3, 6, 9 or 12 months or you can spread the cost at 0% interest. To find out more about Payl8r click here.

With Splitit, you can pay over time the easy way. Splitit is free of fees, applications and credit checks, and is for the responsible credit card user who pays diligently and doesn’t want a new loan under their name. To find out more about Splitit click here.


Send us a message

We love hearing from our customers so please drop us a line with any questions you have.

You can email us at help@turborocks.com or use the "SEND US A MESSAGE" system. Telephone 07435 155 011

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